Tuesday 21 November 2017

Bug alert goes on in hospitals

VISITING restrictions are still being applied at some busy Dublin hospitals due to an outbreak of the winter vomiting virus.

At Dublin's Beaumont Hospital, there were around 40 patients with symptoms of the bug at the hospital yesterday, with ten new cases presenting symptoms overnight.

A spokesperson for the hospital urged members of the public not to visit unless it is essential and unavoidable.

Meanwhile, visiting restrictions are still being applied at St. Vincent's University Hospital though there was only one new case.

Students take radio stations

About 50 college students took over five radio stations in Mexico to demand the resignation of Guerrero governor Angel Aguirre.

Masked students burst into the stations and broadcast a message that lasted 40 minutes.

They also demanded an investigation into the killings of two of their fellow students during a protest.

They also denied any responsibility in the death of a gas station attendant who suffered severe burns after shutting off pumps set alight during the protest.

Surfer survives 6ft shark attack

An Australian surfer managed to paddle to shore after a shark sank its teeth into his arm.

The 28-year-old man was bitten while surfing off North Avoca, about 55 miles north of Sydney.

The shark grabbed the man's arm and pulled it under the surfboard, leaving a 2in wound. The surfer reached the shore where paramedics treated him. He is in hospital in a satisfactory condition.

Witnesses described the shark as being about 6ft long.

No charges on dead whale sale

Police will take no further action against a youth who advertised the teeth and jaw of a dead whale for sale on Facebook.

Police in Norfolk in Britain were contacted by internet users who had seen the page offering to sell 15 loose teeth and 11 still in the jaw for £5 each or £45 for the whole jaw. The page was removed after the police were alerted.

A spokesman said: "We can confirm it is likely that no further action will be taken against a juvenile."

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