Sunday 19 November 2017

Brutal Traveller gang are suspects for bomb left at garda's home

A member of the Army Bomb Disposal unit
A member of the Army Bomb Disposal unit

Gardai have appealed for information about a bomb attack on the home of a senior garda.

The chief suspects in the sinister pipe bomb incident at the home of a respected garda sergeant are a vicious Traveller gang.

However, gardai are still no closer to arresting anyone for the shocking incident, it has emerged last night.

The under-vehicle improvised explosive device (UVIED) was discovered at the front door of the garda's house on the Leitrim side of the border with Co Longford, in the Drumlish area, on April 17, 2014. The garda's children were asleep in the home at the time.

Yesterday, in their first appeal for information about the shocking crime, the Crimestoppers agency appealed for anyone with information about the incident to contact them anonymously. Detective Inspector Jim Delaney is leading the investigation and he made a direct appeal for information.

"We would ask anyone with information on this very serious matter to come forward. This was a viable improvised explosive device and could have resulted in death or serious injury to the residents of the house it was left outside or members of the Drumlish community," he said

"We believe that there are persons out there that have information that would be beneficial to the case. Perhaps you were aware of suspicious activity in the run up to or on Thursday April 17 last year and thought nothing of it at the time?

"Even the smallest piece of information, which may seem insignificant, might help with the investigation," he added.

The Herald previously revealed that a dangerous midlands-based Traveller gang that gardai had been investigating were the chief suspects for the shocking incident.

Senior sources say that gardai have been involved in a major investigation into the notorious gang based in Longford town and nearby Edgeworthstown.

Sources say that they are involved in large-scale burglaries, the organisation of cannabis grow houses, huge social welfare frauds and a particularly nasty Traveller feud in the midlands.

The gang suspected of planting the bomb at the garda's house have been involved in a number of serious incidents in the Traveller feud.

However gardai have never been able to get any concrete evidence on them in relation to the Drumlish pipe-bomb, which was made safe by Army Bomb Disposal experts.

Meanwhile, in a separate incident, gardai are investigating a bomb attack in Dunlavin, Co Wicklow, at 1.20am yesterday in which a 02 regestered Hyundai car was destroyed and another vehicle damaged in an explosion.

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