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Brother's ashes make bride's day

A bride received a precious wedding gift on the morning of her big day when a missing pendant containing the ashes of her dead brother was returned to her.

Triona Curran (28) was devastated when her most treasured pendant went missing in February this year.

Eoin Curran died tragically after he was hurled overboard by a freak squall in New York. The woman wore the necklace as a constant reminder of her brother. The gold pendant was one of just six that Triona's family had commissioned after her brother drowned in a sailing accident in July 2010.

Eoin (30) was working as a computer programmer for Google when the tragic sailing accident occurred in Long Island Sound.

Eoin was a novice sailor who was training on a 23ft-long sailboat when a sudden storm hit and he was swept overboard.

After he passed, the family had six of these pendants specially made in his memory.

But Triona lost her "most treasured possession" outside a Dublin gym.


On Valentine's Day, Triona lost the pendant around the Fitzwilliam Square and began a desperate search to reclaim it.

"The thought of someone having it and not realising my brother's ashes are in it is what upsets me the most," she told the Herald at the time.

"I feel totally lost without it, feel anxious not knowing where it is and sick at the thought that someone else might have it and not know or respect its meaning and importance."

However, just when Triona was beginning to give up all hope she received a message on Wednesday, the day that she was due to get married in Dublin Registry Office, to say that the pendant had possibly turned up at a Dublin jewellers.