Monday 11 December 2017

Broadcaster Aine Lawlor: 'I hated seeing my scars after cancer battle'

Aine Lawlor
Aine Lawlor

Broadcaster Aine Lawlor has opened up about her struggle to accept her body after undergoing a mastectomy during her cancer battle.

The Morning Ireland presenter (50) was diagnosed with breast cancer in late 2011.

Lawlor found it difficult looking at the scars on her body after her mastectomy.

"Breast cancer changes fundamentally something that's very personal and those scars on your chest are always an ugly reminder…it's not the loss of your hair," she said.

"Your breasts are a part of your body that's so personal, so tied up with your own identity. It's how you feed your children."

After she was given the all clear from the disease, Aine decided to undergo reconstructive surgery.

The Dublin native said the procedure, which only finished last year, was a difficult and demanding experience.

Although Aine is happy with the results, she added that it may not be the right decision for everyone.

"It certainly wasn't a pain free experience but it's just so marvellous to have the simple pleasure of wearing a nice bra again," she said.

"Reconstructive surgery is not easy and it's not for everyone. It is a fairly big job."

Speaking to the 'RTE Guide', Aine, whose mother died of breast cancer, explained the intricate process involved in the reconstruction, saying it was all worth it for her, as she "hated" seeing her scars.

"There's the initial surgery to bring muscle around from your back - then the whole thing has to be stretched and your implant is blown up and then you get the permanent implant," she said.

"I've got my shape back and I am delighted with it," she said.

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