Friday 18 January 2019

Brian's €300k windfall

Brian Cowen will leave office with a golden handshake worth more than €300,000.

He has racked up to 27 years' service in the Dail which means he qualifies for a full TD pension of €50,000, coupled with his ministerial pension of around €100,000.

Mr Cowen (51) will also receive a lump sum payment of about €150,000 and a termination payment of €16,000.

During his tenure as Taoiseach, Mr Cowen saw his salary slashed from €185,000 to €135,000 as part of the Government's pledge to share the pain with the electorate.

However, his pension payment is based on the salary level before the cut.

In addition, he is entitled to a State car with a driver.

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