Monday 21 January 2019

Brian and I row over the remote

LOVED-up Vogue Williams has admitted that being married puts a stop to any notions of being a 'me feiner'.

With two years of happy marriage under her belt, the stunning model-turned-presenter said that her wedded bliss depends on compromise.

The only arguments in the Wiliams-McFadden household are centred on the TV remote - proving that even celebs have to put up with the humdrum of domestic bliss.

Planning the couple's two weddings was a challenge the former Fade Street star was only delighted to rise to.

"I basically knew everything I wanted to do anyway and Brian was happy to go along with that," she said.

The pair are clearly still head over heels and Vogue (28) said that the nicest thing about being married has to be working toward a future hand in hand.

"You do sort of become a family and you start building your lives together - you're building towards the same things," she gushed.

Vogue appeared on RTE's The Proposal, which followed the wedding preparations of New Orleans Rose Molly Molloy Gambel to share the secret to her happy marriage.

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