Sunday 17 December 2017

Breastfeeding critics are 'wallies' - RTE's Mairead

Mairead Ronan said she is enjoying her maternity leave
Mairead Ronan said she is enjoying her maternity leave

Mairead Ronan has hit out at naysayers who have a problem with women breastfeeding in public.

The RTE presenter, who recently gave birth to a daughter named Eliza, has rubbished the opinion that it is inappropriate for mums to breastfeed in public places.

"I am feeding her myself, I am breastfeeding. I think they are wallies really," she told the Herald.

Although she has no problem feeding her baby out in the open, the Today FM producer said she tries to remain modest.

"There's some women who are really open and will whip out their boob and there is nipples everywhere. I try to be discreet. You can have the odd nip slip in a cafe or something. If you wear v-necks or maternity tops it is fine," she said.

"I was in Today FM last Monday and Mario Rosenstock came over to say goodbye to me and he said, 'Where is Eliza?' and I said, 'she is under there' and he was so embarrassed. It is like wearing a jacket."


TV presenter Siobhan O'Connor previously said she had been approached by a man in a cafe while breastfeeding her baby and was told she might be offending people.

While Mairead has never been criticised by anyone, she is sure how she would handle it if she was.

"If someone came up to me, it wouldn't bother me, I would tell them to get lost," she said.

Mairead is enjoying her maternity leave as it gives her more time to spend with her husband Louis.

"I love being off. It has been a welcome break because life is so fast now you don't get to sit back and look at what you are doing or what your husband is doing and what we are doing together," she said.

"I finished up on August 19 which was lovely because I almost had a full month off before she was born. I am very lucky that she is going down sleeping for five hours every night."

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