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Breaking Bad drug 'is behind crime rise'

Breaking Bad

THE drug that featured in hit US TV series Breaking Bad has been blamed for an "alarming" number of crimes in a west Dublin town.

Fine Gael councillor William Lavelle said there had been a number of violent incidents involving crystal meth in his constituency of Lucan.

Mr Lavelle said he had been in contact with gardai who have told him of a "spike" in the number of instances involving the drug.

He said there had been six incidents where crystal meth was involved and that some of these had been violent.

"The gardai are seeing a crystal meth spike in Lucan and they wanted to flag it because they're becoming increasingly worried," said Mr Lavelle.

"There have been half-a-dozen cases in the last two weeks, which raises concerns because obviously someone is supplying the drugs."

Mr Lavelle urged people with any information on crystal meth dealing in the area to contact Lucan Garda Station.

He also praised the gardai for their "pro-active" policing of the area and commended them on the "very good job" they are doing in battling drugs.

The councillor also said that while there will always be an element of drugs in the area, "the community here are clear in our view that drugs are not welcome in Lucan".

This is not the first time crystal methamphetamine has been linked with the Dublin suburb, with drugs seizures dating back seven years.


In 2007 a search of a house in Earlsfort Road turned up €350,000 worth of drugs, with eight ounces of crystal meth recovered.

It was an alarming haul for gardai at the time, when the drug was described as "highly addictive" and "new-to-Ireland".

However, the six cases in the past two weeks indicate that the popularity of the drug is on the increase.

Mr Lavelle added that there were also obvious serious health implications for those taking the drug.