Tuesday 18 September 2018

Brave scout praised for saving his sister in dramatic bus rescue

Jake Duffy, of the 181st Castaheany/Ongar Scout group, has been hailed a hero for saving his younger sister's life
Jake Duffy, of the 181st Castaheany/Ongar Scout group, has been hailed a hero for saving his younger sister's life
Twins Peter and Rory O'Connor reacted quickly to a fire

A hero scout has been praised for saving his sister's life when her coat became snagged in the door of a moving bus.

Jake Duffy (12) and his younger sister, Katelyn, from Castaheany in west Dublin, were taking a private bus home from school last April 8 when the dramatic rescue took place.

After disembarking, Jake heard screams of horror from the parents and children who were waiting at the west Dublin stop.

He saw that Katelyn's coat had been snagged in the door mechanism, unbeknownst to the driver.


Karl Lynch, Jake's leader in the 181st Castaheany/Ongar Scout Group, said Jake "disregarded his own safety" and ran after the bus, banging and shouting as loud as he could to get the driver's attention.

"He was that close to the bus that had he slipped, one could only imagine the outcome," Mr Lynch said.

"Regardless, Jake continued to chase the bus endeavouring to get the driver's attention, while all the time seeing his sister being dragged along the road," he added.

Eventually, after several hundred metres, the driver noticed Jake and brought the vehicle to a stop.

"Had it not been for Jake's quick-thinking, stamina and determination to keep up with the bus the outcome could have been so much worse," said Mr Lynch.

"Katelyn's hood had become snagged by the door and was only held onto the coat by a couple of threads by the time the bus stopped.

"Somehow even after being dragged by the bus she survived the ordeal without a scratch, not a mark."

Jake is one of a group of scouts who will be honoured at a special Founder's Day ceremony in Dublin today, organised by Scouting Ireland.

Twins Peter and Rory O'Connor, Cubs with the 44th Mallow Cub section, will also be awarded after saving their grandmother and older sister from a house fire.

Despite being the youngest people in the house at the time, the pair took control of the situation and managed to get their grandmother out of the burning building.


The brothers had just completed their emergency adventure skills Level 1, which a spokesman claims "gave them the confidence to do what needed to be done".

Scouting Ireland is Ireland's largest non-formal youth education movement.

The movement has over 50,000 members in communities across the island.

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