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Brave Molly (6) keeps spirits up in cancer battle


Molly McNally in Tayto Park

Molly McNally in Tayto Park

Molly McNally in Tayto Park

THE family of brave Molly McNally - who is battling cancer - are hoping that scans this week will bring some positive news.

Molly, who has become something of a mascot for the Dubs football team, has been battling neuroblastoma for the last 19 months.

Most recently, the six-year-old from Balbriggan underwent 14 sessions of radiotherapy at St Luke's Hospital in Dublin.

"It went well, they were very happy with it. It was tough going on her, she had 14 general anaesthetics as she had to be totally knocked out for each session," said her dad, Gerry (47).

Molly had a two-week break after her radiotherapy, but this week it is back to the grindstone. "On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday she will be having scans and assessments," said Gerry.

"The last time Molly had all the scans and assessments done was just before Christmas, so it is going to be a nervy time," he said.

Molly had cancer lesions on both sides of her skull.

Among the tests she will go through will be a chest X-ray, an ultrasound and a full-body CT scan.

The family are hoping that the two cancer lesions on Molly's skull will be gone after all the chemotherapy she had during her treatment.

"In an ideal world what we are hoping for is they are gone and that nothing else has popped up anywhere," Gerry told the Herald.

"If everything is clear, Molly would be at the first stage of remission. They are the words we are waiting to hear. We are a long time waiting," he said.

"Crumlin [hospital]wouldn't class it as being in full remission, it would be the first stage of remission," he stressed.

"Plus they will be looking at the site of her primary tumour. Molly had it removed last June, and that is why she was in St Luke's doing radiotherapy, because the surgeon got rid of 98pc of the tumour," he said.

The radiotherapy was targeting the other two per cent - or the bed of the tumour, Gerry said. Molly also faces six months of immunotherapy, which it is hoped will get under way in early June.

"So it's fingers crossed and it's just wait and see," said Gerry.

Molly got to visit Tayto Park recently (inset) and has been back at Croke Park supporting her favourite team.

To donate €2 to the Molly McNally Trust Fund text MOLLY to 57802. Also see the facebook page Molly McNally Miracle Trust.