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Brave Megan is wishing for a new kidney

MEGAN McKenny desperately wants a new kidney.

SHE has been on the transplant list since July last year, and her mum Sinead (33) would love nothing more than if Megan faced into a new year having had her vital operation.

"We found out just before her fifth birthday that Megan was born with one kidney," said Sinead, who lives in Finglas.

It was only discovered after Megan presented with a kidney infection, and was confirmed by an ultrasound.

"We thought she would be okay with the one kidney.

"But when she was seven, her blood pressure started going all over the place, and it was discovered her kidney was failing.


"We found out that Megan would need a transplant," Sinead told the Herald.

She said that she wanted to highlight the importance of organ donation and carrying donor cards.

"When I found out about my own child, you realise how important it is.

"By carrying one, you could be helping a child or an adult to go on living and make their lives better," she said.

Little Megan, who is very musical and is in fourth class at the Mother of Divine Grace primary school in Finglas, has now been on home dialysis for the past four months.

She attends Temple Street Children's Hospital on a monthly basis for a check-up.

The peritoneal dialysis must be done five nights per week and for 10 hours a night.

"She has been doing well with the dialysis," her mum said.

Megan is connected to the dialysis machine every evening by her mum and she goes to sleep while it does its work.

Along with this the schoolgirl must also follow a strict diet. "There are restrictions on fruit, and vegetable and potato intake. Chocolate is not allowed, which is hard when she goes to parties. She is not allowed to drink milk, and she loved that. She drinks mainly water.

"In addition, potassium and protein levels have to be watched," her mum explained.

"I have explained everything to her and she is looking forward to getting the kidney transplant, and especially being able to drink milk again and eat what she wants," said Sinead.