Thursday 14 December 2017

'Brands to flock to Katie' after victory

Katie celebrating her latest victory
Katie celebrating her latest victory

Katie Taylor is heading into territory where no female boxer has travelled before, with brands expected to "flock to her" after her win at Wembley on Saturday night, says a leading sports agent.

Derry McVeigh, who represents Irish athletes such as Robbie Henshaw and Rob Heffernan, said: "It's impossible to know just how much she could make because she's the one breaking the boundaries.

"It's so hard to do what she's done, and what she's doing for the sport is remarkable, not just for Irish boxing.

"Brands will flock to her when they see her as she is just such a brand ambassador."


Mr McVeigh, of Silver Hatch Sports, praised Katie's response after the Olympics and her "regrouping" to hit her current heights.

"It will take her two years to get where she wants to go, I think," he said.

The Bray boxer struck gold outside the boxing ring last year as she made profits at her firm of €1.2m.

The Olympic champion's KT Sports Ltd's profits soared by more than €250,000 to €1.203m in the 12 months to the end of June.

Meanwhile, boxing clubs around the country rejoiced after Katie's win and said it will encourage even more female boxers into the ring.

Head coach at St Brigid's Boxing Club in Kildare, Pat Phelan, said: "Katie is a massive ambassador."

The boxing club was opened in 2010, with help from Katie.

"There were more than 1,000 people there and she stayed for so long signing autographs," Pat said.

"What a role model she is. We had nine girls in the Leinster Championship yesterday and we won seven gold and two silver medals. All of the girls look up to her."

Ed Griffin, coach and secretary with Esker Boxing Club in Dublin, said Katie had "broken the stereotype completely" of boxing being considered a male sport.

"Katie is the name all our young boxers say when they're here. She's helped us an unbelievable amount," he said.

The boxing club has been running a European female boxing tournament for five years and said it is "because of Katie".

Members also met the boxer three months ago at an international event.

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