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Brad's broken back wake-up



Bradley Walsh

Bradley Walsh

Bradley Walsh

Bradley Walsh has said breaking part of his spine while filming his TV series in the US forced him to confront his own mortality.

The 60-year-old comedian and presenter broke three bones in his back after being thrown from a bull at a rodeo in Ohio.

He suffered the injury while filming for the programme Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad with his 23-year-old son Barney.

Although he had to be taken to hospital for treatment after falling off the bull, Walsh was back up walking the next day.

He said the incident made him realise life is "precious".

"We went to the rodeo and ended up on a bull," he said on The Jonathan Ross Show.

"Came off and I hit the floor like a sack of potatoes and broke my back in three places.


"Two days after, I'm trying to climb an ice mountain.

"When you get to our age, JR, all of a sudden the thoughts of your mortality really come home.

"I now realise that this time last year I might have come out of hospital not being able to walk again.

"So, consequently, you've got to be 'Life's precious', Barney, isn't it?

"Barney is the man now at 23 that I always wanted to be. And that's absolutely true.

"He's got no fear, he's young, he's finding his first feet in business and stuff. I just always wanted to do that.

"Anything Barney wants to do on the show, I'll give it a go."

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