Sunday 23 September 2018

Brace yourself for 40 days of heat - but be prepared to pack the brolly

UTV weather forecaster Jenny Buckley
UTV weather forecaster Jenny Buckley

St Swithin’s Day folklore seems to hold no water, as weather predictions for today are that it will remain dry and hot – but it looks set to lash for the rest of the week.

According to the saying, if rain falls on July 15 then the next 40 days will be a washout. There is no rain due today – St Swithin’s Day – but torrential rain is forecast for tomorrow nevertheless, and gale force winds are set to batter the country on Friday.

Top temperatures today will reach 16 to 19 degrees with light and variable winds.

“There is not a huge amount of change forecast as we expect the weather to be similar to the latter part of yesterday, mostly dry with some sunny spells,” says Met Eireann forecaster, Joanna Donnelly.

But enjoy it while it lasts – as wet conditions are almost guaranteed to set in. Rain will hit the country early

tomorrow morning with heavy downpours countrywide and temperatures cooling down to 16C.

Joanna says anything is possible when it comes to Irish weather and adds that “it could well rain for 40 days”.

“This is Ireland, so somewhere on the island there may be a drop of rain,” she added. Conditions are looking more stable on Friday, with downpours easing.


“Temperatures are remaining relatively stable – we aren’t looking at any major heatwave coming our way, unfortunately,” predicts Joanna.

It might be drier, but gale-force winds are set to batter the western coast of Ireland, with strong winds also forecast for the rest of the country.

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