Sunday 18 August 2019

Boy had drugs at care home

A TEENAGE boy was found with drugs hidden in his bedroom at a care home two days after he was caught hiding a stash of valium tablets in a park, the Dublin Children's Court has heard.

The boy (17) had been signed into the care of the HSE in 2009 because his mother was concerned about his drug problem.

He pleaded guilty yesterday to possessing drugs, including valium, heroin and cannabis, for sale or supply.

He also admitted possessing knives and trespassing on the roof of a house beside Mountjoy Prison, where he was spotted throwing an object over the jail's wall. He will be sentenced next week.

Peace sealed in dogs war

TWO Malaysian neighbours embroiled in a bitter feud over barking dogs have signed a peace treaty.

The three-year battle began when one of the men complained to police about his neighbour's noisy dogs.

The dog owner retaliated by playing loud music at night, throwing cans of paint into his neighbour's house and driving his car into the gate. Now both men have decided to end the feud and have signed the official peace deal.

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