Monday 11 December 2017

Boy (3) had 7 deadly snakes in bedroom

A THREE-YEAR-OLD Australian boy was lucky to escape uninjured after a collection of eggs he found in his yard hatched into a tangle of deadly snakes.

Reptile carer Trish Prendergast said that young wildlife enthusiast Kyle Cummings could have been killed if he had handled the eastern brown snakes -- the world's second most venomous species on land.

Kyle found a clutch of nine eggs a few weeks ago in the grass on his family's three acre property in Queensland.

He put the eggs into a plastic takeaway food container and stashed them in his bedroom cupboard, where his mother, Donna Sim, found them on Monday.

Seven had hatched, but the snakes remained trapped under the container's lid.

"I was pretty shocked, particularly because I don't like snakes," said the boy's mother.


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