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Boy (14) had ¤40k of drugs

A 14-year-old boy caught with almost ¤40,000 worth of cannabis in his schoolbag has been arrested again for transporting drugs into a youth detention centre.

The boy, now aged 15, has pleaded guilty to possessing cannabis, saying he had to store the drugs to pay a debt.

Judge Ann Ryan at Dublin Children's Court was told that welfare agencies are involved.

She also heard that the boy has continued to come to garda attention with one officer telling the court the teen had recently been arrested for allegedly transporting drugs into St Patrick's Institution

However, he has not been charged with that offence. Judge Ryan adjourned sentencing until September.

Officer fired gun at driver (85)

A POLICEMAN is accused of firing at an 85-year-old disabled woman after she backed into a car while leaving a grocery store in Puerto Rico and failed to stop.

The officer, who was on a bicycle, fired nine times, but failed to hit the woman.

Catalina Reyes was taken to hospital in San Juan for minor cuts. The officer and a colleague were placed on administrative leave.

Special police investigator Victor Carbonell said one bullet went through the windscreen on the driver's side and another through the driver's side window.