Tuesday 12 December 2017

Boxing coach praises 'polite fella'

JAMES Talbot's former pro-boxing coach in London, Harry Holland, remembered the slain man fondly as someone who always "gave me plenty of respect".

Talbot, who was gunned down at his Lucan home on Thursday night, fought professionally in Britain in the early 1990s, winning three bouts and losing two.

Coach Mr Holland said: "I managed him in 1993.


"I remember him as being a very polite man, boy in them days more or less, and he always did what I told him to do.

"He was a good little boxer. I'm sad to hear of his loss. He gave me plenty of respect. Good boxer ,but not at top level. That was the situation."

He also explained how he had met Talbot, saying: "He came down to me. I used to have a gym at the time near Wembley and people used to get there by word-of-mouth.

"At the time I was doing quite well. I'd had a British champion and a European champion.

"People used to come after they'd hear my name – I'd get recommended one way or another.

"In those days I had about 30 pro fighters.


"I think that's how Jim first heard of me," he added, telling how he had managed two other boxers from Ireland.

Mr Holland also said he wished Talbot's grieving family "all the best", adding that the deceased father-of-four had been "a well-respected man".

"Everyone down the gym liked him,"he said.

Talbot fought six professional bouts as a welterweight, winning three and losing three before he retired having suffered a broken jaw in one bout.


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