Monday 18 February 2019

Boxer held after €250k seized from drugs gang

Daniel Kinahan
Daniel Kinahan
Some of the €250,000 found in a bed
Cash in mattress

A boxer has been arrested as part of a garda probe into a global drugs and money-laundering operation being run from north Dublin.

Earlier this week detectives seized €250,000 from under a woman's bed and arrested a number of people suspected of being involved in the international cocaine-trafficking ring.

Five men and a woman were arrested on Tuesday as part of the probe while the suspected organiser of the operation - a 28-year-old socialite - was detained a number of weeks ago.

Detectives from the Garda Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau (DOCB) have now made an eighth arrest as part of the investigation.

The Herald can reveal that the latest man to be held is a 24-year-old boxer from north Dublin who is well-known to gardai for drug dealing.


He has previous convictions for heroin dealing and has been involved in drug-dealing since his mid-teens.

The man was last night being quizzed by detectives over his alleged involvement in the enterprise, which involves cocaine being sold in Australia and New Zealand before the proceeds are laundered back in Ireland.

Armed gardai who raided a north Dublin apartment as part of the probe found €250,000 in a mattress that a woman was sleeping on.

The 24-year-old woman was arrested as part of the investigation, as well as a firefighter based in Dublin.

All of those arrested in Tuesday's raids have since been released without charge, while the boxer remains in custody.

The Australian Federal Police have been investigating the activities of the Kinahan cartel for almost a year.

It is understood they have arrested a number of suspects in Australia and seized large amounts of cash.

Most suspects arrested in Australia have been so-called 'drug mules'.

"This criminal organisation has been taking advantage of the fact that thousands of Irish people are working in Australia and there is a big market for cocaine among some of these people," the source added.

"Gardai are satisfied that the cash which was seized on Tuesday is the proceeds of drugs trafficking in Australia."

The source added that gardai believed the Kinahan-backed gang had been involved in trafficking drugs from South America to Australia, sometimes via Europe.

"A number of trusted people involved in the criminal network have then travelled from Dublin to Australia to oversee the drug-dealing operation out there," the source said.

"The profits made from the enterprise have then been brought back to Dublin."


The socialite suspected of organising the global cocaine- dealing ring has been described as a "drug-trafficking entrepreneur" who mixes with celebrities and professional people.

"He has connections to many other criminal groupings across the city, including on both sides of the Hutch/Kinahan feud," the source added.

"He is considered a socialite who is often spotted in the company of models and has even dated a high-profile Irish model in the past."

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