Saturday 20 October 2018

'Bottler' will not back down as Threats fly around in bitter city dispute

Gardai at the scene in Balbutcher Drive, Ballymun, where innocent Antoinette Corbally and Clinton Shannon were shot dead
Gardai at the scene in Balbutcher Drive, Ballymun, where innocent Antoinette Corbally and Clinton Shannon were shot dead

Specialist gardai have been tasked with closely monitoring gangland target Derek 'Bottler' Devoy as he continues to issue serious threats against his bitter rivals, the Herald can reveal.

It comes amid fears that there could be more killings in the dispute, which led to the double murder of Devoy's innocent sister Antoinette Corbally (48) and innocent locksmith Clinton Shannon (30) on August 16.

Gardai believe defiant Devoy is now in "even more danger" and fear an attack could be imminent as tensions reach boiling point.

"This guy is out of control. Threats are flying around and the more threats that Devoy makes, the more he is feeling pressure from the crew responsible for killing his sister and his pal," a source said last night.


It is understood gardai are aware of a violent incident involving associates of Devoy and old enemies of his, which happened in a Ballymun park in recent days.

Separately, gardai have not received a complaint in relation to a vicious assault that happened in the Five Lamps area of the capital last Sunday.

However, sources say it is linked to the fall-out from the murders.

Gun attack victim Antoinette Corbally
Gun attack victim Antoinette Corbally

An associate of Devoy (37) was hospitalised and treated for a number of days after being attacked by a number of north inner city criminals.

It is understood that this man had earlier been issuing threats against criminals in the locality over the double murders.

The Herald can also reveal that a dangerous north inner city criminal, who is being investigated in relation to the botched hit on Devoy that led to the double murders, is in jail this weekend after being arrested in the Drumcondra area late on Wednesday night.

The suspect was arrested after travelling to the capital from Northern Ireland and is being held in relation to outstanding bench warrants.

He has not been arrested by gardai in relation to the shocking double murder, but was previously held over the murder of Bottler's brother Michael 'Mad Mickey' Devoy (41), who was shot dead in Tallaght in January 2014, and remains the chief suspect in that case.

A massive garda investigation is continuing into the double murders and sources say that a fitness fanatic has emerged as a suspect for driving the vehicle used in the botched hit.

Last month, officers arrested a man in his early 30s, who was questioned about providing logistical support for the murders.

Sources said the man, who is well-known to gardai in north Dublin, has a number of convictions for being in possession of drugs with the intent to sell or supply.

It is understood gardai believe he supplied vehicles to the hit team responsible for the brutal attack.

Gun attack victim Clinton Shannon
Gun attack victim Clinton Shannon

The Herald previously revealed that two notorious criminals from the north inner city were being blamed for carrying out the atrocity.

They both have close links to the Hutch mob.

Last week, it emerged that garda inquiries are also focusing on a known criminal from north Dublin, who recently survived an attempt on his life.

The thug, aged in his 30s, has links to a dissident republican faction and is a close associate of a notorious New INLA member.

He miraculously survived the attempt on his life and has only been left with temporary injuries.

One theory being examined is that the Ballymun shooting was carried out in revenge for the attack on the dissident criminal.

Meanwhile, 'Bottler' Devoy is said to be still "completely enraged" about the murder of his sister and pal.

Devoy has spent eight years in jail, serving sentences for the attempted armed robbery of a post office in Balbriggan, north Dublin, and for a non- fatal drive-by shooting at two of his neighbours in Ballymun in September 2005.

Mother-of-six Ms Corbally and Mr Shannon were the victims of the brutal shooting on August 16.


Devoy, the intended target, escaped unharmed after dropping a child he was holding and fleeing through the back garden of the property.

Ms Corbally's pregnant daughter Andrea (18) and another man, Brian Moran (52), suffered minor injuries in the incident.

Mr Shannon had just dropped off his friend in Balbutcher Drive when he was fatally shot.

The killers, who used a sub-machine gun and a handgun, then jumped into a silver Opel Zafira, which they attempted to set on fire but failed.

They then ran to a waiting VW Golf GTI and fled the area, before partially torching the vehicle in the Santry Close area.

Previously, exclusive photos obtained by the Herald showed target Devoy defying threats against him as he strutted topless outside the house where his sister and best friend were brutally murdered.

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