Thursday 17 January 2019

'Bottler'- life of crime led to horrific gun murders

Greg Lynch’s gang was linked to the killers of Michael ‘Mad Mickey’ Devoy in 2014
Greg Lynch’s gang was linked to the killers of Michael ‘Mad Mickey’ Devoy in 2014

The intended target of yesterday's gruesome gangland double murder was one of the capital's most prolific and volatile criminals.

Derek 'Bottler' Devoy (37) was uninjured in the gun attack that claimed the life of his innocent older sister, Antoinette, and her friend yesterday.

Gardai are braced for reprisals after the incident, which happened in Ballymun at 4pm.

Devoy has spent eight years in jail.


He served sentences for the attempted armed robbery of a post office in Balbriggan, north Dublin, and for the non-fatal, drive-by shooting at two of his neighbours in Ballymun in September 2005.

He is the younger brother of 'Mad Mickey' Devoy who, it is suspected, was murdered by a member of the Kinahan cartel in January 2014.

It is understood Bottler Devoy had threatened revenge for his older brother's murder.

Initially it was believed that those responsible for yesterday's shooting are the same gang who murdered Mad Mickey.

That mob is linked to convicted heroin dealer Greg Lynch and a notorious north inner city criminal who has twice been arrested over Mad Mickey's murder.

However, late last night, focus shifted onto a rival local Ballymun gang and a turf war that has been running for the last year.

When Devoy was released from jail in February 2015, gardai had to draw up a special security plan just to keep him alive, which involved multiple armed checkpoints close to his Ballymun home.

In 2007, he was jailed for seven years for the attempted armed robbery of the post office in Balbriggan.

He was then given extra jail time in November 2007 for the shooting of two of his neighbours in Ballymun in September 2005.

At Devoy's drive-by shooting trial in November 2007, evidence was given of how he was recognised when a scarf slipped from his face after he shot at the two men from a car, which then drove away at speed.

A female witness identified Devoy, whom she said she knew "all her life", as the gunman who fired the shots at her brothers, Eugene and John Paul McElligott, from the back seat of the speeding car as they stood outside their home in Cranogue Close, Ballymun.


Just months after being released from jail, Devoy fled Ireland. The Herald revealed he was in the process of moving more than €100,000 to a bank in the UK when the account was frozen by detectives in Dublin.

The money was frozen under the Money Laundering and Terrorist Finances Act 2010.

Devoy returned to Ireland more than a year ago and has been regularly spotted in the company of senior members of the Hutch mob crime faction.

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