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Bottler arrested after shots fired in street in deadly machine gun drama


Footage shows a gunman roaming the north Dublin suburb while brandishing the deadly weapon

Footage shows a gunman roaming the north Dublin suburb while brandishing the deadly weapon

Criminal Derek 'Bottler' Devoy was arrested

Criminal Derek 'Bottler' Devoy was arrested


Footage shows a gunman roaming the north Dublin suburb while brandishing the deadly weapon

This is the moment a gunman roamed through a north Dublin suburb randomly firing shots from a deadly machine gun.

The incident sparked a massive garda alert in the Ballymun area yesterday afternoon during which notorious criminal Derek 'Bottler' Devoy was arrested.

A machine gun and grenade were also discovered after a brief stand-off at a house in the area.

The extraordinary incident lasted around 10 minutes and began at 4.40pm, when a member of the public reported seeing a man armed with a suspected machine gun near the Centra store at Poppintree.


The eyewitness told gardai that this individual was indiscriminately letting off shots, and armed units were dispatched.

Footage of the dramatic incident then shows the gunman walking through a Ballymun housing estate while hiding the weapon behind his back.

He turns and pulls out the weapon to his side before running in the opposite direction.

Members of the local drug unit - who were not carrying firearms - were first at the scene and pursued the suspect to nearby Carrig Road and on to a house at Crannogue Road.

It was here that 'Bottler' Devoy was found holed up inside the bathroom.

Gardai broke through the door and arrested the 39-year-old, with no injuries reported.

During the arrest, a number of shots were discharged but it is not believed any direct attempt was made to fire at officers.

A machine gun and grenade were also discovered.

The property was evacuated and members of the Army's Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit were rushed to the scene under a garda escort and carried out examinations of the device.

A large cordon was put in place around the property on Crannogue Road as the bomb squad dealt with the device.

Other footage shows over a dozen gardai surrounding 'Bottler' after he was taken from the house and arrested.

The notorious criminal was being questioned at Ballymun Garda Station under firearms legislation last night.

Sources said that he appeared to be under the influence of an intoxicant during the shocking drama.

"He seemed to be completely off his head," a senior source said last night.

No one was injured during the gun drama, which is just the latest firearms incident in the troubled suburb.

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris praised the actions of the unarmed gardai at the scene.

"The gardai involved showed great bravery in ensuring the safety of the public," Mr Harris said.

Devoy is suspected of being "in the middle" of a number of dangerous feuds in the Ballymun and Coolock areas, and he has also been involved in a brutal disagreement with north inner city associates of the Hutch mob.


It is this north inner city mob which is suspected of murdering Devoy's innocent sister Antoinette Corbally (47) and his pal Clinton Shannon (30), who suffered multiple fatal gunshot wounds in a horror attack at his family home on Balbutcher Drive, Ballymun, on August 16, 2017.

Bottler's innocent niece Andrea (18) was also injured in the horrific unsolved crime in which he was the intended target.

Innocent Clinton Shannon, a friend of Devoy, had just dropped him to the street when the machine gun fire rang out.

Devoy, who was carrying a child in his arms, dropped the youngster and fled through the house to escape the hail of bullets.

'Bottler' was uninjured in the attack, which was said to have "driven him crazy".

Just 24 hours before his sister's funeral, a topless 'Bottler' was photographed by the Herald at her wake while wearing just tracksuit bottoms and trainers. He was also seen comforting a woman at the scene.

Gardai said that 'Bottler' had been going around topless in a show of defiance against his gangland enemies.

One of the north inner city hitmen suspected of being involved in the double murder was Jason 'Buda' Molyneux - who was himself shot dead near his home in January 2017.

Molyneux was also the chief suspect and was twice arrested over the gruesome killing of Bottler's older brother Michael 'Mad Mickey' Devoy in Tallaght in 2014.

Bottler's most serious previous convictions are for the attempted armed robbery of a post office in Balbriggan in 2006 and for the non-fatal drive-by shooting at two of his neighbours in Ballymun in September 2005.