Sunday 21 January 2018

Boss stays on at credit union

THE President of the High Court has extended the appointment of a special manager to Newbridge Credit Union (NCU) in Kildare to next summer.

This will increase to €1.25m the costs to 37,000 members of that appointment sought by the Central Bank last January.

In response to concerns of NCU's directors about what plan is being pursued for it, Mr Justice Nicholas Kearns also asked special manager Luke Charleton to deliver a report to court in April outlining what strategy is being pursued and what progress has been made.

What's best for heart victims?

People who suffer cardiac arrest were less likely to die in subsequent years when bystanders performed resuscitation using chest compressions only, a new study found.

That builds on previous research that found no short-term survival differences in adult victims given compression-only CPR instead of the standard kind, which includes mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Twitter offers scrapbook tool

Twitter is offering its 200 million-plus users a chance to keep a digital scrapbook of all their tweets.

The tool is designed to make it easier for people to review all their activity on Twitter's trend-setting messaging service.

When it is available, the downloading option will appear at the bottom of each user's settings menu.

San Francisco-based Twitter said it may take a several weeks, or even months, before everyone gets the feature.

Volcano ash

takes its toll

Ecuador has sent health experts to communities near the Tungurahua volcano to help residents affected by the ash fallout.

Pablo Murillo,of the Ministry of Risks, said people in Penipe, Guano, Banos, Bilbao and Palitahua were suffering from eye and throat irritations from the ash.

About 2,000 are part of an evacuation programme.

Earlier this week, incandescent rock shot from the crater of the mountain and fell about half a mile down its flanks and explosions rattled windows nine miles away.

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