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Bono talked 'nicest guy' Matt into chat on radio


Matt Damon speaks to Nathan O’Reilly and Graham O Toole on Spin 1038

Matt Damon speaks to Nathan O’Reilly and Graham O Toole on Spin 1038

Matt Damon speaks to Nathan O’Reilly and Graham O Toole on Spin 1038

Bono played a part in persuading Matt Damon to give an exclusive interview to local Dublin radio station Spin 1038, it has emerged.

The American actor made headlines after being spotted out and about in Dalkey, where he has been staying with his family during lockdown.

However, his neighbour, the U2 frontman, is credited with finally convincing him to give an interview to Spin 1038, which has been on a relentless campaign to get the actor to chat about his time in the capital during a pandemic.

Morning show Fully Charged presenters Nathan O'Reilly and Graham O Toole will be airing the interview with the star on tomorrow's show after finally tracking down the actor.

It is understood that Damon heard the duo on his car radio while he was driving with his children and after hearing interviews with people who had either seen him in Dalkey or served him in shops, he wanted to get in touch but couldn't recall the phone number to contact the show.

His superstar neighbour Bono finally convinced him to get in contact and give an interview to the local station, which took place via Zoom last Friday.


This is a "massive coup" for the station, according to presenter O'Reilly, who has spearheaded the campaign to get Damon to appear on the show, as not even The New York Times managed to get an interview with the actor when writing a story about his stay in Dalkey.

"I was really interested in scouring the internet and hearing people's experiences because a lot of people had said that they had met Matt when they went for jogs on Killiney hill or bought stuff from their shops," he said.

"For weeks, we got people on the show who had these stories.

"I even went on to the Dalkey Facebook group and I chanced my arm, wondering if I had information about Matt. I got high levels of abuse and people told me to leave him alone and I got kicked out," he laughed.

"I thought it was too much of a big ask, but last week, we got a call from his assistant saying that Matt has been listening to the show and that he wants to come on.

He explained that Damon was "just the nicest guy in the world, it's crazy".

"We ended up chatting for nearly half an hour and I'm so excited to play it because it's brilliant," he said.

"I think he just really liked us and found it amusing. I think everyone expected him to be on The Late Late Show but it's great that he took a chance on us."

The interview will air tomorrow at 8am on Fully Charged with Nathan and Graham on Spin 1038.