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Bono has lucky escape as part falls off private jet

Bono had a lucky escape after a tailgate fell off a private jet he was travelling in with friends.

The 54-year-old was on a flight from Dublin to Berlin when the incident occured, about halfway through the two-hour journey.

It is believed Bono and his pals were on board the Learjet 60 D-CGEO when the aircraft's tailgate fell from 8,000 feet.

"To our knowledge, there was no danger of crashing," Berlin Schönefeld Airport spokesperson Ralf Kunkel said.

An investigation has begun into the cause of the incident.

The six-seat Learjet 60 landed safely in Berlin despite the damage to the door where the luggage was put in.


Bono was in the German city to attend a function to discuss overseas aid and the Ebola crisis.

U2 is also due to accept an award at Bambi international music awards, Germany's version of the Emmys.

This month bandmate The Edge recalled another terrifying in-flight incident.

"We did once have a massive drop straight out of the sky, many years ago," he previously told Hot Press magazine.

"We were sitting opposite Sophia Loren on a transatlantic commercial flight and got stuck by lightning.

"And I remember Bono whispered to her, 'Don't worry Sophia, it's just God taking your photograph'. It was such a good line! I thought, 'You smooth talking b*****d'."