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Bomb blast at shipping firm

A BOMB has exploded outside a package shipping company in Athens, causing considerable damage but no injuries.

Yesterday's explosion left a small crater outside an apartment building where Swift Mail is located and damaged its ground floor offices and two motorcycles.

In 2010, Greek anarchist group Conspiracy Nuclei of Fire used Swift Mail to send mail bombs that targeted embassies in Athens and European officials in other countries. Company staff were accused of co-operating with the police investigation.


US footballer 'drink driving'

AMERICAN football star Austin Seferian-Jenkins of the University of Washington team has been arrested on suspicion of drink driving in Seattle.

Head football coach Steve Sarkisian in a statement says Seferian-Jenkins made decisions "that fall short of our expectations for student-athletes" and he will be disciplined.

Seferian-Jenkins is regarded as one of the top tight ends in college football.


Desk working not cheapest

DESK-BOUND office working is no longer appropriate for modern businesses as flexible arrangements become more popular, according to a report.

Mobile phone giant Vodafone said firms could save hundreds of thousands of euro a year if they simply freed up desk space and embraced flexible working.

Most senior staff agreed they measure success by results rather than time spent in the office, but more than a third had not considered flexible working.


'Robin was not in Sherwood'

ROBIN HOOD did not rob from the rich to feed the poor in Sherwood Forest, he was a freedom fighter attacking French invaders 180 miles away, a historian has claimed.

Sean McGlynn said he could have been William of Kensham, who conducted a guerilla war in Kent against Prince Louis in 1216.

Writing in History Today, he said: "It's hard to find another contender for the Robin Hood Story from this age or afterwards who is both a hero and an outlaw."