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Bohs bar boss: 'I lost job after barring yobs'

Alan Brady

A FORMER bar manager at Bohemians Football Club told an Employment Appeals Tribunal that he believes he lost his job because he had banned hooligans from the club's stadium and bars.

The club categorically denied the allegation last night, saying the alleged links to hooliganism were "absolute nonsense".

Alan Brady, of Carnlough Road, Cabra, claimed at a hearing yesterday that the hooligans were friends of some of the club's directors and the ban created friction between him and the board members.


He is seeking €55,000 in damages after struggling to secure regular full-time employment since leaving the club in December 2011.

His role was filled the day after he left by another staff member and later by a committee of volunteers in order to cut costs.

Mr Brady had previously held a security role at the club and claimed that friends of Bohemians' president Matt Devaney and honorary secretary Steven Lambert were among the hooligans he banned.

"I had a number of people barred and we had a lot of people barred from the whole ground because of hooliganism," he said. "The people that were barred are back in now."

Mr Devaney and Mr Lambert last night strongly denied the claim.

"Mr Brady was one of many let go in recent years because of financial trouble at the club," said Mr Devaney.

"The bar was no longer a full-time bar and was only open on a part-time basis so there was no need for a full-time barman.

"We do this part-time and voluntarily, so to have my name linked to hooligans or as being a friend of hooligans is not good."

Mr Lambert told the Herald he has "never had any involvement with anybody who could be construed as being involved with hooliganism".

At the hearing the club said it was forced into the redundancy in an attempt to cut costs because the bar was not making a profit.

Mr Brady disputed this, saying the bar made an €80,000 profit the year before he left.

A decision on the case is expected in the coming weeks.