Monday 20 January 2020

Body of whale is buried at Dollymount Strand

Workers dig a large hole at Dollymount Strand for the burial of the fin whale
Workers dig a large hole at Dollymount Strand for the burial of the fin whale

A fin whale which died several days after being spotted swimming through the river Liffey in Dublin has been buried.

The body of the badly decomposed animal was washed up on Dollymount Strand on Sunday, days after its remains were seen floating near Dublin Port.

The large creature, believed to be around 7.6m (25ft) long and a juvenile, was spotted swimming in the River Liffey early last week.

Concerns had been raised that the whale came to port because it was either sick or distressed, and these fears were realised on Friday when its remains were discovered in the water.


The oceanic mammals, the second largest animal on earth, normally feed on herring in much deeper water further out at sea.

Yesterday, Dublin City Council workers undertook work to bury the remains of the fin whale after it had washed up on Dollymount Strand.

Crewmen, with the help of tractors and a JCB digger, dug a large hole for the creature before the whale was buried on the beach.

Pictures taken on the beach over the weekend showed the huge whale carcass with a thick white bone protruding on to the sand.

Families and couples enjoying a sunny autumn day at the beach were distressed by the sight of the dead whale.

The huge creature had been spotted by Dublin Port workers and its remains towed out to sea, as it was blocking a shipping lane.

Local people were hopeful the authorities would step in to remove the whale to prevent it repeatedly washing up on shore, with the decision since taken to bury the large creature on the beach.

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