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Body 'moved to look like a suicide jump'


Investigation: Gardai carry the body away last year

Investigation: Gardai carry the body away last year

Investigation: Gardai carry the body away last year

Mystery surrounds the death of a Latvian man whose body was found on a north-Dublin farm.

Dublin Coroner's Court heard that gardai believe Deniss Timofejevs (22) was most likely struck by a van or car before his body was moved to give the impression that he had jumped from a mobile phone mast.

The body was found on April 2 last year on Balheary Farm in Swords, Co Dublin, three miles from Mr Timofejevs' home at Thornleigh Place in Applewood. He was found face down outside the fencing of the mast compound.


He was last seen leaving home to go for a walk the previous evening. His mobile phone was found in a nearby river and his driver's licence was missing.

It was initially thought he fell from the mast, however, when former deputy state pathologist Dr Khalid Jaber carried out the post-mortem he found Mr Timofejevs suffered "significant and multiple body injuries" due to "blunt force trauma" with "acceleration-deceleration force" involved.

Possible causes included a fall from a height, being struck by a vehicle or a physical assault by a third party.

"To make that leap to where Deniss was found, a world-class athlete could not do it," Detective Sergeant John Grant said.

There was no evidence that he was dragged to where he was found, he told the jury, but he was short and could have been carried over someone's shoulder. The presumption is that he was moved "to make it look like he had fallen", he added.

The court also heard from farm owner Richard Gleeson that to get to the spot where he found the deceased would mean crossing through a farmyard, various gates and electric fences and that "you would have to know where to go".

Detective Inspector Tony Howard said gardai believe that "on the balance of probabilities" Mr Timofejevs' death is a homicide.

The jury returned an open verdict and recommended that CCTV be considered for mobile phone masts.