Wednesday 23 January 2019

Bloomsday party celebrated with tweets

KIDNEY and liver for breakfast, pints of Guinness -- and tweets aplenty,

The annual Bloomsday party to mark the day in the life of Bloom, described in James Joyce's novel Ulysses, has moved the novel into social media.

In a series of 'Bloomsday Bursts', Ulysses enthusiasts tweeted the nearly 800-page novel in a series of bite-sized pieces, each 140 characters long.

Stephen Cole organised the Ulysses Meets Twitter project by breaking the book into 96 sections, one for each 15 minutes of the day.

Then he recruited volunteers to condense the book into tweets, each one representing about eight pages of the book.


He has asked social networkers to tweet this epic novel over a 24-hour period.

The cast of 'tweaders' includes a Brooklyn comedian and writer, a Northeastern University student, a writer based in Sydney, Australia, an artist living in the Basque Country of Spain and a number of English Literature majors and professors.

As for Cole, he was celebrating Bloomsday in a high-tech way, making sure that each tweet goes out on time. "That will be my job on Bloomsday, all 24 hours of it. Crazy," he said.


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