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Bloody syringe in phone box near tourist hot spot

A BLOODY syringe in a phone box on one of the capital's busiest tourist streets.

This picture taken just yards from Trinity College should shock even the most hardened people.

It has led to fears for public safety and calls for Dublin's drug treatment systems to be overhauled.

Business groups described the picture as the "most shocking" image of a syringe they had seen in years of trying to promote a positive image of the capital.

The photo was taken by Dubliner Stephanie McGrane, who works in Trinity College.

"I was on my mobile to a friend last Friday week at around 10.30am when I walked past a phone box on the island on Westmoreland Street and I just spotted the syringe through the glass," she told the Herald.


"I couldn't believe it. I actually had to hang up on my friend because it turned my stomach."

She then photographed the syringe and alerted gardai, and has now sent copies of the image to politicians in the hope of raising awareness of the dangers posed to the health of Dubliners and to the tourist industry.

"Here we are in the year of The Gathering trying to promote the country and welcome people back, but that image would stick in your mind a lot more than most you would see on a holiday," said Stephanie.

"Although I do sympathise with the unfortunate souls living life with an addiction, this is the most inconsiderate act I've seen by a drug user to date. For the first time. I'm ashamed to say I live in this city."

Stephanie called for drug clinics in the capital where drug addicts can go have their fix without putting their lives and the lives of the public in danger.