Thursday 23 November 2017

Bloody 'Mr Big' and IRA feud has not gone away

Alan Ryan
Alan Ryan
Vincent Ryan

The feud between what is left of the crew linked to slain Real IRA figure Alan Ryan (left) and the drugs boss nicknamed 'Mr Big' remains very much alive and active.

Sources have revealed that in recent days gardai have been monitoring members of both factions, who were carrying out surveillance on each other's homes.

According to well-placed sources the situation is so serious that an IRA gang have a car ready to be used in an attack on the Coolock based gangster at a moment's notice.

Despite such ongoing activity, gardai foiled an attempt on the life one of Alan Ryan's brothers in April.

'Mr Big' was believed to have been on his way to carry out the hit when gardai attempted to stop him in a car.

He was in the vehicle with another criminal when the pair were spotted in the same area as Alan's younger brother Vincent Ryan (right).

Gardai recognised Mr Big and went to pull him over. However, he sped off and managed to get away.

Gardai suspect there was a weapon in the car and he may have been on the way to carry out a hit attempt on Ryan.


Vincent Ryan, who was cleared of charges relating to the murder of drugs boss Michael 'Micka' Kelly, has always refuted reports that he is on the run from the gang who murdered his older brother.

Just weeks before the 'Mr Big' incident, Vincent's brother Dermot, a member of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement, was told associates of the drugs gang who ordered his brother's killing in 2012 had been tracking his movements.

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