Sunday 17 December 2017

Blood-soaked thug carjacks nurse at work

Dublin's Temple Street Childrens Hospital
Dublin's Temple Street Childrens Hospital

A terrified nurse was violently dragged out of her car by a blood-soaked thug just yards away from the hospital she works at in the city’s latest car-jacking.

The incident happened at 6.30am outside Temple Street Children’s Hospital as the female nurse, who is in her mid-30s, was getting into her car.

She was attacked just feet from the entrance to the hospital in broad daylight, as the mother of two was moving her car to make room for staff coming in for the day shift.

Dublin's Temple Street Childrens Hospital

Temple Street Hospital Dublin

Staff members at Temple Street are forced to move their vehicles during their late shifts to make space for those coming in to work during the days.

The street has no security staff to monitor the area and staff must pay for parking out of their own pocket.

It is believed the man was bleeding heavily as a result of a physical altercation he had been involved in early yesterday morning.

The vicious thief forced

himself into the vehicle before ripping the keys out of the woman’s hand.

As the nurse was thrown from the car the thug attempted to assault her, as well as attempting to strike other staff members who came to the victim’s aid.

The man then made his escape, driving off at speed in the Hill Street direction.

The woman escaped the ordeal without suffering any injuries, but she is believed to be quite shaken.

A spokeswoman for Temple Street Children’s University Hospital told the Herald that they were shocked.


“The hospital seriously regrets to confirm that a night nurse who was moving her car from the staff car park to on-street parking at approximately 6.30am was approached, had her keys taken from her and subsequently her car driven away by the thief,” she said.

“The gardai later confirmed that the car was crashed and burnt out in Store Street. Due to the fact that Temple Street is an inner city hospital, there is no public car park and very limited unofficial staff car parking.”

No arrests have been made.

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