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Blind baby Alannah prepares for birthday joy as parents pin hopes on China trip cure

THE YOUNG Dublin parents of a baby girl are hoping to celebrate her first birthday with news that they can travel to China for intensive trials to treat her blindness.

Caroline Redican and Ian Moriarty have been tirelessly fundraising for a treatment that may give baby Alannah her sight.

Alannah, who turns one tomorrow, has a rare condition known as Optic Nerve Hypoplasia, which means that she has been unable to see since birth.

The condition was diagnosed a few months after she was born.

But new treatments are currently being developed in China and her parents hope this can help their daughter.

Chinese scientists have discovered that there are positive results investigating the underdevelopment of the optic nerve responsible for transmitting visual signals from the retina to the brain.

However, the trials cost more than €40,000 and the family estimate that they will need over €60,000 to cover costs. They hope to travel to China in January.

"It would mean everything to us if she could see a little, even just our faces," Caroline said. Anyone who wishes to assist with Alannah's appeal can make a donation to the account at Permanent TSB, sort code: 990651; account number: 16950653