Monday 18 February 2019

'Bizarre cosmic order helped me find love' - Byram

Amanda Byram credits Fearne Cotton and giving up booze for helping her settle down with husband Julian Okines
Amanda Byram credits Fearne Cotton and giving up booze for helping her settle down with husband Julian Okines

TV presenter Amanda Byram has revealed how her good pal Fearne Cotton helped her find her dream man in the form of husband Julian Okines.

She said that Fearne, who is married to Ronnie Wood's son Jesse, is really into "cosmic ordering" and made her write down her romantic wish-list on a chalkboard in her house when she was single.

Amanda said at the time that she would love to find a "dark, handsome man who would be proud of me and who will want to travel the world with me".

While she said it felt "so bizarre" at the time, her prayers were clearly answered when it came to finding her soul-mate, whom she married 18 months ago.

However, she believes that ditching the booze shortly after her 40th birthday was also a massive help when it came to connecting with her TV producer partner, who is also teetotal.

"I was single for about a year," she said.

"I was going to stuff and getting drunk, just for the sake of going to stuff and getting drunk, because I didn't want to be home alone and single," said Amanda.

She then did a "dry January", which trickled into February and, when she met Julian some time later, he was also sick of alcohol and hangovers.

"He'd been single for years, loved to go out, loved to drink, big drinker on weekends," she said.


"He woke up on the morning of his birthday, really hung-over and said, 'I'm done, I'm so done'," she told Life magazine.

They both got drunk on their first date, and Amanda said she didn't even remember getting home. They then both decided it was time to ditch the drink for good and to jointly embrace a sober lifestyle.

The pair, who married in a lavish bash in the UK in April 2016, first met on a photo shoot and she said there was an instant attraction between them.

Amanda said she had done a lot of work on herself and "gone through the dark park" and it was a case of perfect timing for her.

"I wasn't looking at him as a prospective partner or a mate or a father to my children or a husband," she said.

"I was looking at him as a handsome guy who was really cool.

"And, if it didn't work out, I was OK about it. I feel blessed that I had that chance to get to that place."

The Dancing With The Stars presenter, who lives in London with Julian, will be flying back to these shores on a more regular basis once the second series of the hit show starts.

She has also launched her first activewear range, Body By Byram.

The range will be stocked both here and in London as she turns her attention towards breaking into the clothing market.

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