Monday 18 December 2017

Bin changeover leaves 1,000 families with rubbish piled high for weeks

UP TO 1,000 homes in Dublin have gone without having their waste collected as a result of this month's bins fiasco, the Herald can reveal.

Families throughout the capital have been left fuming, having been forced to wait weeks to have their waste collected following the controversial sale of the city's bin service to Greyhound Recycling.

And after the Herald repeatedly highlighted that residents were being left in limbo, Dublin City Council has now admitted that as many as 1,000 homes are still waiting to have their bins emptied.

In a lengthy report circulated to councillors, city manager John Tierney stated that the records of as many as 1,000 households were not passed on to Greyhound Recycling due to a "database" blunder.

"There are a number of areas in the city that have had a black bag and green bin collection for some time.

"As these households did not have a black bin, they are not on a council data base and simply purchased tags as needed for their black bags. The green bins which they have are not chipped and linked to the particular house and therefore there was no record of these customers to pass to Greyhound," Mr Tierney stated.

"Accordingly, they did not receive any communication in relation to the changeover or new collection days.

"Since the changeover, we have been working with Greyhound to identify these households, approximately 1,000 in total we believe, and to ensure that they receive the notification required," he added.

Mr Tierney apologised for the council's part in the disastrous handling of the privatisation process.


But he still defended the payment of €250,000 of taxpayers' funds to Ernst and Young for "advice" on the sale of the service. "The fee is in line with rates for such work in the sector and must be considered in the context of the scale of the transfer involved and the fact that the council anticipates a saving in the region of €50m over the first 5/6 years after the transfer of the service."

The city council has still to make public the contract it signed with Greyhound.


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