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Berserk mum kneed garda’s groin in attack

A MOTHER-of-four kneed one garda in the groin, headbutted another and threatened to kill a third when she went berserk outside a pub.

Siobhan Goodrum (27) was acting in “misguided solidarity” with her fiance who was being dealt with by officers when she flew into a rage and attacked them.

Judge Conal Gibbons gave her a three-month suspended sentence at Dublin District Court when she admitted assault and other charges arising from the incident. He suspended the sentence for two years and fined her €500.

Goodrum, of St Berach’s Place, Kilbarrack, pleaded guilty to assaulting two gardai and obstructing another at Smith’s Pub, Phibsboro on April 27 last.

She also admitted causing a breach of the peace and criminal damage to a patrol car by spitting in it.

The court heard the incident happened at 9.25pm. Gardai had been called to the scene of a public order disturbance and were dealing with a man at the exit when Goodrum came out and became “extremely aggressive”.


She used both hands to push Garda Deirdre Gill away, screaming at her: “I am going to f***ing kill her.” When Garda Gill called for assistance, Goodrum roared that she was going to “take her head off”.

When backup arrived, the accused was put into a patrol car. She got out and kneed Garda Ivan O’Hara in the groin and became “extremely violent”.

She told Garda Donal Donoghue she was going to headbutt him, then did so. She missed a direct hit, but caught his left cheek.

Goodrum was placed back into the car and spat on the driver’s seat.

The court heard she had one previous conviction for drunk driving.

Goodrum had leapt in and got invoved out of a “misguided sense of solidarity with her fiance”, her solicitor told the court.

She accepted her behaviour, words and actions were “appalling” and could not explain why she had behaved so badly, except to say there was “drink taken”.

Goodrum was sole carer for her children and was engaged to be married in July.

“She does not want to minimise her role in this unfortunate series of events,” her solicitor said.

“For someone to attack members of An Garda Siochana in the way she did is unbelievable,” Judge Gibbons said.