Friday 24 May 2019

'Being a Fair City baddie is much harder than life in LA'

FAIR City's newest villain has admitted that working on the Irish show's tight budget can be tough, compared to the bright lights of Los Angeles.

US-based actor Andrew Connolly has been stirring up the Dublin soap in recent months in the role of murdering ex-con Paddy Bishop.

Paddy has been worming his way back into the bosom of his family, the Bishops, since turning up on ex-wife Vivienne's doorstep.


But things are set to spiral out of control tonight when he commits his first murder since leaving prison.

Since landing the role, Andrew, whose resume includes stints in The Patriot Games, Lost and Heroes, has been dividing his time between Dublin and LA. His wife, actress Karen Woodley who starred in The Snapper, and two daughters live in LA.

While Andrew has been enjoying his time on Irish screens, he says working on American TV is a lot easier because of the money that is pumped into productions.

"It's more like being on a movie because they have got the budget. Whereas working on Fair City, its relentless, you are churning out four episodes a week and its dialogue, dialogue, dialogue so it's crazy.

"But it's great fun and it's a challenge," he added the 47-year-old actor.

Paddy, an abusive husband and dad who was sent to prison for murdering a pensioner, is set to show his true colours tonight when he kills and buries his friend Conor in the mountains.

"He is determined to be a part of the Bishop Family and will do and say anything to ensure that his cosy family life isn't disturbed. He won't let Conor ruin his chances with Vivienne and his only way of guaranteeing this is to murder Conor."


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