Monday 20 November 2017

Beauty Kathryn is Catch of the Day at restaurant opening

Kathryn Thomas with Padraig McLoughlin outside Padraig's new seafood restaurant,
Catch 22
Kathryn Thomas with Padraig McLoughlin outside Padraig's new seafood restaurant, Catch 22

TV host Kathryn Thomas said she had to cut down on tasting fish and chips in her boyfriend's new restaurant for fear it could undo all the fitness training she did over the summer.

Although the broadcaster (36) runs her own exercise bootcamps and is the face of Operation Transformation, she said she took a break from her healthy lifestyle to give the seal of approval to the food at partner Padraig McLoughlin's new restaurant.

The Carlow woman was by the restaurateur's side at the official launch of his new city centre seafood joint, Catch 22, last night and admitted she has had to switch to the healthier options as she returns to the TV studio to film The Voice of Ireland.

"When I came back from my bootcamps over the summer, I was number one fish and chip taster but that had to stop because that was going to undo all the good I had done," Kathryn told the Herald.

"Luckily, there are also salads on offer along with baked and grilled fish, so there are loads of healthy dishes, too."

With over 25 years in the restaurant business, Kathryn's other-half was a big inspiration when she set up her Pure Results fitness camps earlier this year.


"They've been in the business a long time and I learned a lot from watching Padraig," she said. "Whenever there was a break with the bootcamp I was in there helping him out with that so it's been a busy year for us, but I'm very proud."

Although the South Anne Street eatery has been open just over two months, co-owner Paul Dooley said the new venture has proved to be quite the catch as he and Padraig eye up creating a chain of restaurants.

"We'd like to think that we'd certainly open one more in Dublin and we're looking at Galway as well," he said.

"We've also had enquiries in London already, so the next 12 months should be exciting."

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