Sunday 22 July 2018

BBC Lucy wept when she met TV hero David

THE new face of BBC wildlife has told how she was reduced to a blubbering wreck after being introduced to her hero, David Attenborough.

Lucy Cooke (inset), who presents BBC1's Talk To The Animals next week, said she was so overawed by the occasion that she burst into tears.

She said the encounter inspired her to write a blog which in turn put her on the road to becoming a presenter.

"Despite the shame of that night, I believe something positive came of it - ironically, the chance to fill David Attenborough's shoes," she said. "I pray that if I ever meet him again I manage to keep my cool."

Cooke, a zoology graduate, said she had relished the opportunity to meet Attenborough at London Zoo many years ago at a fundraising night for amphibians.

But after marching over to speak, she said: "Confronted with my own personal idol, my mind went blank. While I had been longing for this moment for 30 years, I had never actually thought what I would say.

"So I blurted out: 'I'd just like to say what a profound effect you've had on my life'.

"But as I tried to speak, my voice became a sort of high-pitched semi-squeal and my body shook with waves of heartfelt sobs. It was the kind of crying generally reserved for being brutally dumped."


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