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Battered and robbed taxi man tells of terror as knife held to throat

A DUBLIN taxi driver has spoken of his terror after armed thugs broke into his home and beat him with baseball bats before making off with his car and more than €2,000 in cash.

Tahir Rasheed had a 10-inch blade held to his throat and spent almost a week in hospital with horrendous injuries following the vicious attack in his Blanchards- town home.

The terrifying incident happened during the early hours of June 3.

Mr Rasheed, who is from Pakistan but has been living in Ireland for 15 years, needed 15 stitches to his head and surgery after violent raiders smashed his arm, breaking it in two places.


The 46-year-old needed to have two steel plates inserted to reconnent the bones.

The attack happened shortly after 1am when the three masked raiders broke into Mr Rasheed's home.

They gained access to the property by knocking out a lock in a rear sliding patio door.

"I had just finished work and I was relaxing in the sitting room with a cup of tea watching some TV," said Mr Rasheed.

"The next thing I know, three guys wearing balaclavas burst through the doors and said, 'Give us money and your car keys'. Two of them had baseball bats, and the other guy had a knife.

"I said, 'Okay, okay, no problem, we will give you everything', but they just started beating me anyway.

"They punched and kicked me and beat me with the bats."

Mr Rasheed received a blow to the top of his head that caused a large wound.

"There was blood everywhere, all over the walls and floor, and I needed a lot of stitches after it," he said.

While he was holding his head, another man hit his arm, smashing the bone.

The terrified taxi man said he gave the men his wallet, €250 in cash, a Samsung smartphone and the keys to his 2011 Toyota, which he only recently bought for €15,000.

"They still were not satisfied and two of the men went upstairs and broke two of the locked bedroom doors trying to get into them," he said.

They took laptops, €2,000 in cash, computers and other valuables from the room.

"While they were upstairs, I started shouting for help, but the man with the knife put the blade to my neck and told me to shut up or he would kill me.

"I don't know why or what came over me, but I said, 'Okay, do it then - kill me'. I think the guy panicked, and he shouted for the others.

"They ran out the door and got into the car and started to drive away, but the guy stayed holding the knife to my neck.


"Then he went and ran after the car and jumped in while it was still moving.

"I ran outside covered in blood and started shouted for help."

Mr Rasheed said he was considering leaving the area following the incident.

"It is so terrifying to think that this can happen," he said.

"It was a very scary experience. I have asked a friend to stay with me in case they return. I think I will leave this house."

Gardai last week arrested a youth in relation to the robbery.

He was later released from custody without charge, and a file is being prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Gardai in Blanchardstown are investigating the incident.