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Band Aid single hits €1m sales in just five minutes

Bob Geldof has revealed that the new version of the Band Aid single has raised £1m (€1.25m) in just five minutes.

The Dublin musician and campaigner has organised the latest recording, which included One Direction, Coldplay's Chris Martin, Bono, Rita Ora and Ellie Goulding among the line up.

Bob admitted he had been "a bit nervous" about a third reincarnation of the Christmas classic.

But he said the response had been "extraordinary".

"From what we've seen from iTunes it's gone bonkers," he told Radio 4's Today programme this morning. Within four or five minutes we had a million quid."

The Boomtown Rats frontman said that the Band Aid 30 single is already a massive hit online after it was released over the weekend. The artists only finished recording the track on Saturday.

"It's gone manic. That's the digital age," Bob said.


"We promoted the single on X Factor, Simon Cowell gave us five minutes of the show. From what we're seeing now from iTunes it's gone bonkers. The pre-orders of the thing were ridiculous."

Bob said the song was also set to be translated into French and German, though accused Germany of being "laggards" in the fight against Ebola despite being "the most powerful economy in Europe".

"It's as dangerous for them as it is for us. This thing is just a flight away from us," he added.

Geldof said demand for the single had been "vast".

"We really can stop this foul little plague," he continued, insisting that "100pc" of proceeds would go towards the relief effort.

Over the weekend, Blur frontman Damon Albarn said not everyone agreed that the fundraising initiative is the best way to tackle the virus.

"There are problems with our idea of charity," he said. "Especially these things that suddenly balloon out of nothing...where some of that essential communication is lost and it starts to feel like it's a process where if you give money you solve the problem."