Thursday 18 October 2018

'Backing Dubs ladies' holiday good for all parties', says Anna

Ireland’s Fittest Family stars Anna Geary and Donncha O’Callaghan
Ireland’s Fittest Family stars Anna Geary and Donncha O’Callaghan
Anna gets in shape for new series

Cork GAA star Anna Geary has backed a campaign for the Dublin ladies' team to get a deserved holiday after winning the All-Ireland for the first time since 2010.

The Girls in Blue recently announced they are fundraising for an end-of-season trip following their win against Mayo.

The men's team, also All-Ireland champions, get a free holiday thanks in large part to a grant from the GAA.

"I was involved with Cork seniors and every holiday we went on, we fundraised it ourselves, that's just the way it is," said Geary.


"If you win an All-Ireland for your county and [you get a holiday when] you're a male, I don't see why the females shouldn't."

However, Geary insisted players take part for the love of the game.

"Ultimately, that would never be a reason for me to give out about the sport. They are outside things," she said. "The reason I played camogie was because of the love of the jersey.

"There were no expenses or sponsorship deals. You see changes all the time.

"Any team that does win an All-Ireland, particularly the Dublin ladies now, it would make sense for a lot of businesses to sponsor and fundraise. It's really good to be seen sponsoring women's sport."

Speaking at the launch of the new series of Ireland's Fittest Family, Geary was joined by the show's new coach, Ireland rugby hero Donncha O'Callaghan.

The former Munster player (38) recently announced his retirement from rugby, citing his desire to spend more time with his wife Jenny and their four children.

"Christmas is the point for me where I'm going to have a look and see where I'm at. I think Jenny would echo it, 100pc," he said.

"What I thought were sacrifices were really selfish acts, and I really need to prioritise my family.

"What I've seen in sport is that that's the most important thing, just to have to get the balance right."

Recently speaking out on the number of concussions rugby players sustain in games and training, O'Callaghan hopes to see the game become more skills-based in the future.

"It's a very physical game. Camogie, hurling, it's a skill game," he said.

"You'll get a hamstring injury and you can live with that. The emphasis has to be on skill."

  • Ireland's Fittest Family starts on RTE One on Sunday at 6.30pm

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