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Baby joy as Jodie and Kian celebrate second pregnancy

STAR couple Kian Egan and Jodi Albert are expecting a second baby.

And the pair enlisted their adorable son Koa to deliver the news.

On Kian's official Facebook page, he shared a video of their three-year-old son making an important announcement.

Dressed in his snug onesie, the delighted youngster told viewers that his "mummy has a baby in her tummy" and he is "going to be a big brother".

Former Westlife singer Kian (34) and Jodi (31) married in Barbados in May 2009 and welcomed son Koa in December 2011.


Former Hollyoaks actress Jodi recently spoke about her battle with post-natal depression after the birth of Koa which coincided with the break-up of her girlband Wonderland.

"I was so happy with this beautiful baby, I would look at Koa and I was so euphoric and so happy, but at the same time I didn't like myself, which was very strange," she said.

Jodi also said she "went through a lot" while pregnant with her son.

"Westlife ended, Wonderland ended, a few friends left our lives and my mum was sick so there was a lot of change during that time," she said during the summer.

Jodie believes she suppressed her feelings while pregnant, but when Koa arrived she was forced to face her emotions.

"I was just on autopilot and I felt ashamed. I felt people might think I wasn't a good mum. Once I recognised what it was, I was able to get help and talk about it," she said.

The Londoner credits her "superman" husband for his unfailing support and also attending therapy sessions to come to terms with her mental health.

"He was so supportive," Jodie said. "And he is the best dad. When he bounces through that door he's like Superman - he has the baby on his back and he cooks dinner. It's just so amazing."

After learning that her best friend had simultaneously been experiencing the same feelings, Jodie was encouraged to tell her story.

"I started writing the bones of a book - it's a comedy book about my attempt to stumble through motherhood. It's basically a reflection,but hopefully it will make women laugh," she said.