Saturday 16 December 2017

Baby is among injured in Luas crash with tour bus

The front of the Cityscape bus (left) was badly mangled. Pic:Mark Condren
The front of the Cityscape bus (left) was badly mangled. Pic:Mark Condren

A three-month-old girl was among eight people hurt in a horrific crash between a Luas tram and an open-air tourist bus in Dublin's Smithfield.

A spokesperson for the Temple Street Children's Hospital said the baby was admitted after the crash at around 11am yesterday.

She was kept in the emergency department for four hours for observation before being discharged without serious injury.

The accident between an outbound tram on the Luas Red Line and a Dublin Cityscape 'hop-on/hop-off' bus brought service on the line to a halt.

Seven ambulances were sent to the scene to take the injured to hospital.

Efforts to reach the tour bus company for comment were unsuccessful last night.


Service resumed at 12.40pm, but the crash caused delays on the line for several hours.

Ramanathan Murugesu, who owns the Doughnut and Coffee kiosk at the stop, said he heard a loud noise.

"There was a big loud bang and then you could see all the shattered glass.

"A few of the passengers had dropped to the floor of the tram.

"The other thing I noticed was the druggies trying to get into the situation and rob the injured. This was a nightmare too," he said

The collision occurred at the Smithfield stop near the Four Courts and Lincoln Lane, which is controlled by a traffic light.

Investigations are under way by gardai, the Commission for Railway Regulation and Transdev, which operates the Luas.

Transdev chief Gerry Madden, who was at the scene, said eight people were injured, of whom four were described as "walking wounded".

"The most important thing is making sure they and our drivers are okay," he said. "But the number one priority is making sure that we understand what happened and that the people who've been injured are okay.


"I saw the driver of the bus and he was obviously shaken. I don't know the mix (of the injured) but I think there was four or five people on the tram who have since gone off to hospital."

Work crews were mopping up shattered glass that littered the road and footpaths while the bus remained at the scene before being towed off yesterday evening.

The impact of the crash was evident from the damage to the bus. The driver's side of the windscreen was shattered and the section of windscreen near the front door sheared off.

The front of the driver's cabin was completely mangled as was the front bumper of the bus.

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