Thursday 18 January 2018

Baby fitted with hearing aid hears for first time

The baby responds to sounds and starts to smile (YouTube / Ahavah Cook)
The baby responds to sounds and starts to smile (YouTube / Ahavah Cook)

A tiny baby has been fitted with a hearing aid at a hospital in Minneapolis and his reaction when he hears his mother's voice for the first time would melt the coldest of hearts.

Elijah Cook was born deaf in one ear and with limited hearing in the other.

After Elijah failed several hearing tests, the Cooks were referred to the Children’s Specialty Centre in Minneapolis.

Their baby was then fitted with a tiny hearing aid - at just nine weeks old.

His mother Ahavah posted this video showing the moment her baby son heard her voice for the first time.


"The first time I saw him blink, I had a lot of emotions," said Ahavah.

"I was trying really hard not to cry. I didn’t want him to see me cry. I was trying hard to keep it together and just talk to him.”

Elijah has now had his hearing aid for six weeks and has been discovering his new sound-filled environment.

"He smiles a lot more, in response to our voices," his mother said.

Elijah gets fitted with his new hearing aid (YouTube / Ahavah Cook)

"His coos sound much more in line with his developmental stage now. He's responding to his own sounds he makes."

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