Monday 18 December 2017

Baby Bobby visits the firemen who helped his mum give birth

Baby Bobby Doyle visits firemen at Tallaght two weeks after he was delivered at home.
Baby Bobby Doyle visits firemen at Tallaght two weeks after he was delivered at home.

Baby Bobby Doyle got a warm welcome when his parents brought him to meet the Dublin firefighters who helped bring him into the world.

Firemen John Walsh and Tom Gallagher were thrilled when Jennifer Doyle and husband Keith took little Bobby to visit them at Tallaght fire station.

The two firemen and their colleague Martin Guilfoyle had arrived in the nick of time at the Doyle home in Kilnamanagh two weeks ago and assisted Jennifer in giving birth to Bobby just one minute later.


"I don't know what we'd have done without them. We're so grateful," said Jennifer.

"We brought them a cake and a card to say thanks for everything.

"They had kept us calm and made sure we didn't panic. Bobby was born with the cord around his neck so we're so glad the firemen were with us," she said. After Bobby was born the firemen brought mother and baby to The Coombe hospital where the 7lbs 14oz newborn was confirmed to be in good health.

Jennifer and Keith also brought their daughter Katie (4) to meet the firefighting team at the station.

Keith said their gift of a cake was just a small token of the family's appreciation.

"We were delighted to be able to go and say thanks to them at the station. They're just brilliant," said Keith (38).

Jennifer said she never "in a million years" imagined having her baby at home with the help of firefighters.

On the morning of the birth, she said she felt pains but she wasn't convinced she was in labour.

"I thought I was being a bit of a drama queen," Jennifer admitted. However, after calling Keith home from work she decided to call an ambulance as well.

They were in good hands as firefighter John Walshe has delivered 12 babies during his career.


"We realised that the birth was definitely imminent," said fireman John.

"After the initial cry from the baby that allayed mum's fears, she was thrilled.

"We placed him up on her chest and dad cut the cord.

"It's a great feeling to return to the station with good news.

"It's one of the most joyous days for a family and we get to be a part of it," he said.


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