Thursday 17 January 2019

'Avocado hand' horror as knife injuries on rise

Avocado hand
Avocado hand

A young Irish woman impaled her finger with a knife in a horrific case of 'avocado hand'.

The excruciating injury is featured in this month's Irish Medical Journal, which warns of the increasing number of people suffering the wound due to the soaring popularity of the "superfood".

It is one of the most popular brunch items - but the task of removing the stone is proving to be a real kitchen hazard.

The publication revealed the 32-year-old woman was rushed to the Emergency Department in Beaumont Hospital with the self-inflicted injury to her left ring finger.

"On arrival to the ED, the knife was still impaled through the patient's finger, as well as the avocado," said the authors.

When she was examined, the woman revealed she had lost some feeling in her finger.

The knife was removed before the patient was taken for surgery and she made a full recovery.


Avocado Hand, written by Dr George Rahmani and colleagues at the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Beaumont, noted the injury was rising.

"Classically, patients hold the avocado in their non-dominant hand while using a knife to cut/peel the fruit with their dominant hand," they wrote.

"The mechanism of injury is usually a stabbing injury to the non-dominant hand as the knife slips past the stone, through the soft fruit.

"These stabbing injuries have the potential to cause significant neurovascular, tendinous and/or bony injuries.

"This seemingly innocuous slip of the vegetable knife can cause significant injuries.

"The public needs to be educated on the potential dangers of preparing avocados."

They noted celebrity chef Jamie Oliver had released a video demonstrating a safe method to de-stone an avocado.

However, the answer could lie in the high street, with one major retailer already stocking stoneless avocados.

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