Sunday 17 December 2017

Aviva bosses vow to tackle leaving delays

AVIVA Stadium bosses have promised to improve exits after fans complained about long delays leaving the Leinster / Munster match on Saturday.

Improvements are to be made to the €410m stadium's public address system and signs after problems emerged last weekend.

The stadium had appeared to be coping adequately with events including international soccer matches and a concert from Michael Buble.

But it was the near capacity crowd for the provincial rugby game that exposed some teething problems in the stadium's exit strategy.

Stadium director Martin Murphy explained that the back-up of people trying to make their way out was caused by more people than usual opting to take the Dart back to the city.

The controversy arose on Joe Duffy's Liveline yesterday when Munster fan Ronan McKiernan said he was forced to spend 40 minutes in a passage under the West Stand.

He complained that children and elderly people were stressed out as thousands of people tried to make their way out. Leinster fan Graham Harris also described the situation as "ridiculous".

"There was never a problem like this before. Was there any joined up thinking?" he asked.


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