Tuesday 25 September 2018

'Averil should have stayed put - she was the apple of Micheal's eye'


Senator Mary White
Senator Mary White
Fianna Fail leader, Micheal Martin with Newly elected Fianna Fáil TD for Carlow Kilkenny, Deputy Bobby Aylward (wearing purple tie) pictured arriving at Leinster House this afternoon with members of the Fianna Fail Party

FIANNA Fail's sole remaining female representative in the Oireachtas has said that Averil Power should have "stayed put" because she was "the apple of Micheal Martin's eye".

Senator Mary White has reacted to Ms Power's dramatic resignation over Fianna Fail's handling of the marriage equality campaign.

"She should have stayed put, she was the apple of Micheal's eye and she shouldn't have gone," she told the Herald.


"She didn't speak to anybody but she shouldn't have done it. She should have stayed put. She should have gone for the convention like the rest of us.

"I don't know her mind but she shouldn't have quit, she should have stayed put. She was getting on very well," she continued.

The South Dublin senator said that she believed Ms Power was always taken very seriously by the party despite the newly-independent senator's claims to the contrary.

Senator White will run for the party in the Dublin Rathdown constituency in the 2016 general election.

She was selected for the ticket in the newly-drawn constituency earlier this year.

Ms White added that she was positive that Ms Power would have been on the party's ticket for the upcoming election if she had remained in Fianna Fail.

"She would have been on the ticket. I'm absolutely sure - no question about it," she said. "I can guarantee she would have been."

Yesterday, she was one of the only female faces in the crowd of proud Fianna Fail representatives who escorted their newly-elected TD, Bobby Aylward, into Leinster House for his first day as a TD.

However, when asked about the party's poor track record with women, Ms White dismissed the question.

"I won my convention and that's it," she said. "You have to have the stomach for it, it's a tough business. Like any business, it's tough.

"It's up to the women themselves to fight it out. They have to fight it out and get used to it."

Ms White went on to say that her involvement with the party had brought her "pleasure and joy".

"All I have on my agenda is to win the seat for Fianna Fail," she said.

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